Should you cut the flowers off coleus?

Cut or pinch flower spikes back to a leaf node as they appear. Coleus flowers are light purple or blue and develop at the ends of shoots. Pinching off flowers before they bloom and go to seed saves the plant energy and encourages vegetative growth. Speaking of flowering, there are 2 schools of thought when … Read more

Where are fire dampers installed?

Location: Fire dampers are installed in or near the wall or floor, at the point of duct penetration, to retain the integrity and fire rating of a wall or floor whether it is a ducted or open-ple- num return application. In general, a fire damper works when the heat from the fire causes the normal … Read more

Do green bell peppers turn yellow?

All bell peppers start out green and change color as they mature. If it’s not picked, a green pepper may become yellow, orange, or red, depending on its varietal. The longer the fruit stays on the vine, the sweeter it becomes and the more nutritional value it gains. Pepper Plant Leaves are Yellow Due to … Read more

How do you remove flywheel bolts?

The flywheel is held in place by retaining bolts, which you can find in its center. Remove these with a wrench, and then carefully remove the flywheel from the crankshaft by pulling it away. Put the replacement flywheel in its place and replace the retaining bolts, tightening them firmly. The flywheel is held in place … Read more

How do I make my shirts thinner?

Carefully thin your shirt with bleach. Use water and liquid bleach with a 16-1 ratio. Let soak for 30 to 40 minutes and then wash repeatedly before drying. Hang your shirt in the sun for an extended amount of time. Wear your long shirt as a dress for a casual, flirty look. Depending on the … Read more

When should I prune Astilbe?

Even when the flowers have faded, the stalks add height in the middle of the shade border. However, pruning spent flowers promptly in mid- to late summer shifts the focus to the leaves, which then blend in well with other ground-covering shade plants, especially ferns. Astilbe do fine as cutting flowers if you wish to … Read more

Why are my watermelons not growing?

Location – Planting watermelons in the wrong soil can also slow their growth. They like sandy loam amended with organic matter and fine sand. Heavy soils are a disaster for growing watermelons. Poor pollination – Pollination also plays a part with watermelons not growing. There are three factors that will cause the growth of melons … Read more

What is ignition switch in a car?

An ignition switch, starter switch or start switch is a switch in the control system of a motor vehicle that activates the main electrical systems for the vehicle, including “accessories” (radio, power windows, etc.). These are the most common symptoms of ignition switch trouble. Car Fails to Start. One of the most obvious signs of … Read more

What is the purpose of circle time?

It is a special time to share fingerplays, chants and rhymes, songs, play rhythm instruments, read a story, and participate in movement games and relaxation activities. Circle time provides a time for listening, developing attention span, promoting oral communication, and learning new concepts and skills. Circle time is a time for important social interactions among … Read more

¿Cómo afecta la leucemia a las celulas?

Las células cancerosas se pueden propagar al torrente sanguíneo y a los ganglios linfáticos. También pueden viajar al cerebro y a la médula espinal (el sistema nervioso central) y otras partes del cuerpo. La leucemia puede afectar a niños y adultos. Aunque la leucemia es un cáncer de la sangre, puede afectar otros órganos. En … Read more