Has Carmelo made it to conference finals?

Carmelo Kyam Anthony (born May 29, 1984) is an American professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 2009, Anthony led the Nuggets to their first Conference Finals appearance since 1985.

Carmelo Anthony. is now in his 10th season and still has yet to get further than the conference finals, much like D-Will. In 2008-09, he reached the conference finals with the Denver Nuggets, but they were eliminated by the Lakers 4-2.

One may also ask, when was the last time the Nuggets made the conference finals? They have played for 49 seasons, 38 in the NBA and nine in the American Basketball Association (ABA). As of the close of the 2017 season, they have never reached an NBA Finals and only been to three Western Conference Finals series.

has Carmelo Anthony ever made it to the playoffs?

Only two times has Carmelo Anthony played a team in the playoffs with a worse regular season record than his own (2009 – first and second Round). His team won both matchups. In the eight first round series that his teams lost, their opponent won, on average, nine more games than his team.

What year did Carmelo Anthony go to the Western Conference finals?

The Atlanta Hawks won a first round series for the first time since 1999, but were swept by the Cavs after enduring a tough 7-game series with the Miami Heat, who made the playoffs for the fifth time in 6 years.

2009 NBA playoffs.

Dates April 18–June 14, 2009
Semifinalists Cleveland Cavaliers Denver Nuggets
← 2008 2010 →

Who is the oldest player in the NBA?

Vince Carter

Where does Melo rank all time?

Melo has made only six (two second-team, four third-team). If you rank by total All-NBA selections, Melo is currently 43rd. If you rank by first and second team selections combined (since third team didn’t exist until 1989) Melo ranks 70th. If you rank by MVP award shares, Melo ranks 74th.

Will Melo ever win a ring?

Over his glittering career, Anthony has averaged 24 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3.0 assists, but despite his individual brilliance, Melo has still never won an NBA Championship.

Where is Melo now?

Portland Trail Blazers #00 / Power forward, Small forward

How many 50 point games does Carmelo Anthony have?

Most 50-Point Games Player # Times Carmelo Anthony 4 Moses Malone 4 Bob McAdoo 4 Karl Malone 4

Is Melo a Hall of Famer?

Carmelo Anthony Is Not a Lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA’s most polarizing players. The six-time All-Star just won his first scoring championship this season, but it can be argued that Melo’s been the best scorer in the league for years.

Why is Carmelo Not in the NBA?

Anthony was a star with the Knicks and Nuggets but has not played in the NBA since he parted ways with the Rockets in mid-November. “The reason he’s not in the league — because he’s still worthy — he hasn’t mentally taken that step back to say ‘Okay, I’ll come in and play against backups.

Is La La and Carmelo still married?

Personal life. On Christmas Day 2004, Lala became engaged to basketball player Carmelo Anthony. However, in a June 2017 interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Anthony said that she and Carmelo are not officially divorcing at the moment. As of January 2019 she and Carmelo were back together again.

How far did Melo get in the playoffs?

During those playoffs, Carmelo averaged 28.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 1.1 steals per game. The next three years were early exits for the Knicks and they did not sniff the playoffs once.

When the last time the Knicks made the playoffs?

The New York Knicks last made the playoffs in 2013, when they lost the Eastern Conference Semifinals. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 36 times in their 69 seasons.

What is Carmelo Anthony’s playoff record?

Anthony’s teams have a 16-36 (. 308) record during his playoff career with the Nuggets and Knicks. Denver reached the playoffs in all seven of Anthony’s full seasons with the franchise, but were eliminated in the first round each year except for 2009 when they reached the Western Conference Finals.

Who does Carmelo play for?

Portland Trail Blazers #00 / Power forward, Small forward

Why was Carmelo released?

Anthony was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Atlanta Hawks in July before the Hawks released him to clear the way for him to sign with the Rockets. Houston thought he could be the piece it needed to finally get past Golden State and win its first championship since back-to-back titles in 1994-95.

What team is Carmelo on in 2019?

Carmelo Anthony No. 00 – Portland Trail Blazers 2003–2011 Denver Nuggets 2011–2017 New York Knicks 2017–2018 Oklahoma City Thunder 2018–2019 Houston Rockets