How do I make my shirts thinner?

Carefully thin your shirt with bleach. Use water and liquid bleach with a 16-1 ratio. Let soak for 30 to 40 minutes and then wash repeatedly before drying. Hang your shirt in the sun for an extended amount of time.

Wear your long shirt as a dress for a casual, flirty look. Depending on the style of the shirt, you may be able to just throw it on, add a cute handbag, slip on a pair of sneakers or flats, and be on your way. If the shirt is really wide, try pairing it with a belt to create a waist.

Also Know, how do you change a top that is too big? To alter a T-shirt that’s too big for you, start by laying it flat and placing a well-fitting shirt on top of it. Next, trace the outer edges of the top shirt onto the bottom one, then cut along the lines with sharp scissors, including the underside of the sleeves.

Herein, how do guys wear baggy shirts?

How to Wear Oversized Shirts

  1. It’s better to contrast an oversized shirt with a slimmer fitted trousers / jeans.
  2. A bomber jacket or denim jacket perfectly compliments an oversized shirt.
  3. An oversized shirt looks great with some buttons undone, as well as over a simple t-shirt.

Can a tailor make sleeves slimmer?

While it may seem pretty obvious that you can have your sleeves made slimmer if they’re too big, there are a host of options for sleeves that are too small as well. If your garment is too tight near the armhole, the tailor can drop it to create more room.

How do you hem shirt sleeves?

Method 1 Turned-Up Hem Mark the hem using a hemming gauge. Turn up the hem and pin it to the fabric. Press the hem using lots of steam. Turn the hem up again matching the turned up width, while removing the pins as you go, and pin the hem again to make a double-folded hem. Press the hem again.