How much does it cost to rip up a driveway?

The national range for tearing and replacing a driveway is between $6,275 to $8,500. The average is $7,394 for a poured concrete driveway as per Angie’s list members. The average cost is $3,500 to $7,000 which $3 to $10 per hour, roughly. The cost may be higher for long or curved driveways.

On average, concrete removal costs roughly $2 – $6 per square foot, but this will vary depending on the complexity of the project, how easy the concrete is to access with equipment, where you live, and who you hire.

Subsequently, question is, what is the cheapest material for a driveway? Pound for pound, aggregate is the cheapest of these four common driveway materials. A basic gravel driveway can cost as little as $0.50 per square foot – an order of magnitude less than a professionally installed asphalt, stone, or concrete driveway.

Also question is, how much does it cost to tear up asphalt?

Hiring a company to break up and remove asphalt paving runs roughly $2.50-$3.50 a square foot (although small jobs may cost more per square foot). A short driveway (10×20 to 12×25 feet) might run $500-$1,000 or more, depending on total size and the thickness of the asphalt and the gravel base.

How much does it cost to remove and replace an asphalt driveway?

Cost to Remove Asphalt Removing asphalt costs $1 to $2 per square foot. If you’re replacing with the same, ask if the company can compact and reuse the existing material.

Can you take concrete to the dump?

Contact a Building Materials Supply Company Building materials supply companies—the larger-scale operations that have a fleet of cement mixers and/or gravel-hauling dump trucks—may take your old concrete. Some may even do so free of charge, providing you haul it to their location and unload it yourself.

How long does it take to jackhammer concrete?

Just take a few whacks at the slab with a 12-lb. sledgehammer (Photo 1). Within 10 minutes, you’ll know whether it’s a job for a sledge or a jackhammer. Consider renting an electric jackhammer to make the job easier.

How do you break hard concrete?

Here’s a few tips: Recruit a buddy to lift a corner with a pry bar. Start slamming at the corners and work your way towards the center. Pry and pull out the broken chunks as they break apart. Don’t hit the same spot twice. Keep moving and keep lifting with that pry bar.

How do you remove old concrete?

Steps for Removing a Concrete Slab Step 1: Create a Void Under the Concrete. The best way to speed up concrete removal is to create a void underneath the section of slab you’re working on. Step 2: It’s Hammer Time. Step 3: Pull Apart and Remove the Broken Concrete. Step 4: Repeat Steps Until Concrete Is Demolished.

Can old concrete be recycled?

Old concrete can be recycled and turn into aggregates after it has been crushed and processed. Concrete pavements can be broken in place and used as a base course for an asphalt pavement through a process called rubblization. Recycled concrete can be used as a bed foundation in which to lay underground utilities.

Where can I throw away concrete?

Concrete and asphalt can be dumped safely at the following locations: Your local landfill or transfer station. C&D recycling centers. Building supply companies that sell recycled materials.

How much does it cost to pave a 100 foot driveway?

The average cost of a concrete driveway, by comparison, is almost $7,400. Other sources estimate the cost to install an asphalt driveway to be between $2,300 and $10,300. Homeowners typically pay per square foot. Reibling adds the average cost per square foot is between $3.50 and $4.50.

How long do asphalt driveways last?

12 to 20 years

How can I make my own driveway?

Part 2 Preparing the Driveway for Concrete Lay out the shape of your driveway with stakes. Install the forms for your driveway. Use fill material to make sure your base is thick enough. Compact the fill material and soil with a plate compactor. Add reinforcing steel to the concrete if you choose.

How much is a ton of asphalt?

Material Costs The cost of asphalt ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot, including labor. It is easier to get a better idea of the total cost when you calculate it in tonnes, however, and that is how these calculations will be carried out. The average price of good quality asphalt is $85 to $150 per ton.

How do you cut and remove asphalt?

Use a circular saw to cut asphalt. When using a circular saw to cut asphalt, you’ll need a diamond-tooth blade with the proper venting system. The vents between each tooth facilitate the removal of asphalt material as well as provide heat reduction during the cutting process.

How much does a ton of asphalt cover?

The area that 1 ton of asphalt covers depends on the thickness of the asphalt to be used; for a half-inch thick section of asphalt, 1 ton will cover approximately 316 square feet, while 1 ton of asphalt will cover 79 square feet when laid several inches thick.