Is Terrell Owens in any given Sunday?

Cameo roles also featured many former American football players including Dick Butkus, Y. A. Tittle, Pat Toomay, Warren Moon, Johnny Unitas, Ricky Watters, Emmitt Smith and Terrell Owens, as well as coach Barry Switzer.

Oliver Stone

Additionally, is Any Given Sunday on Netflix? Sorry, Any Given Sunday is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like South Africa and start watching South African Netflix, which includes Any Given Sunday.

Moreover, what does any given Sunday mean?

Any given sunday. The full adage goes “on any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team”, meaning that a weaker team still has a chance against a stronger opponent. A related sports phrase is “you have to play the games (to determine the outcome)”.

How long is Any Given Sunday?

2h 42m

How much money did any given Sunday make?

Made for $55 million, Any Given Sunday earned over $75 million domestic, making it Stone’s biggest hit since his 1986 blockbuster Platoon.

When you get old in life things get taken from you?

Simmons: But when you see it all written down … it’s pretty effective, man. He has this one part, “You know, when you get old in life, things get taken from you. That’s part of life, but you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out life’s a game of inches.

How old was Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday?


Is any given Sunday a good movie?

Any Given Sunday is one of Oliver Stone’s most enjoyable movies. Stone draws on the usual assortment of sports movie clichés, but he directs his actors, including Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, and LL Cool J, into such passionate and intense performances, that the movie is able to transcend its familiar material.

What football movie was Al Pacino in?

Any Given Sunday

What team did Willie Beamen play for?

Willie Beamon (born June 14, 1970) is a former professional American football cornerback in the National Football League. After not being drafted, he played four seasons for the New York Giants after playing for the University of Northern Iowa in the early 1990s.

What does at any one time mean?

The usage suggests that if you look at a situation ‘at any given time’ – i.e. one moment in time (the moment does not have to be specified), something is happening. Other examples: ‘At any one time, there are 2 billion people on Earth who are hungry’

What does that’s a given mean?

Best Answer. Chosen by Votes. Hello Tatyana, “It’s a given” or “that’s a given” means that a basic fact that you accept as being true. it is a sure thing that you don’t need to prove it.

What does any given day mean?

any particular time, situation, amount etc that is being used as an example On any given day in the Houston area, half the hospital beds are empty.

Is Any Given Sunday on Hulu?

Actual: . Watch Any Given Sunday on Hulu either streaming online or on your favorite device. It’s easy to watch Any Given Sunday streaming online if you have either the Hulu basic or the Hulu Premium.

Why is any given Sunday Rated R?

On the extremely negative side, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY has plenty of strong foul language. Although the sex scenes are remarkably tame for an R-rated movie by Oliver Stone, the director breaks some taboos in a couple shots of full nudity by including a brief, gratuitous shot of female genitalia.

When did any given Sunday come out?

December 16, 1999

What is a good football movie?

The Best Football Movies of All Time Remember The Titans. Courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Brian’s Song. Columbia Pictures. Leatherheads. Universal Pictures. The Blind Side. Courtesy Warner Bros. The Longest Yard. Friday Night Lights. The Replacements. Rudy.