What is Srdf Metro?

SRDF/Metro significantly changes the traditional behavior of SRDF to better support your critical applications in high availability environments. With SRDF/Metro, the SRDF secondary device is read/write accessible to the host and takes on the external identity of the primary device (geometry, device WWN, and so on).

The Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) is a family of software products that facilitates the data replication from one Symmetrix storage array to another through a storage area network or Internet Protocol (IP) network.

how do you make a SRDF pair?

  1. Find and Choose the Director Pairs to Use for Creating an SRDF Group Between Two Symmetrix Arrays.
  2. Add a Dynamic SRDF Group.
  3. Create a Dynamic SRDF Pair.
  4. Run the symrdf establish Command to Copy R1 Data to R2 Devices.
  5. Ensure That R1-R2 Pair Is in Synchronized State.
  6. Enable Device-Level Write Pacing for SRDF Asynchronous Mode.

what is Srdf in Vmax?

EMC SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) is a replication product which can be used to replicate the data from one array to second array. Primary use is for business continuity/disaster recovery. Other use is migrating the data from one array to another.

What features differentiate PowerMax from Vmax?

PowerMax takes much from the existing VMAX architecture but brings significant upgrades such as support for NVMe flash drives and inline data deduplication. Like the current VMAX AF, PowerMax implements a multi-controller architecture based on so-called “PowerBricks”.

What is vmax3?

VMAX3 data services are delivered by a highly resilient, scalable and agile hardware platform that offers global cache, CPU (processing) flexibility, performance and high availability at scale while meeting the needs of the most demanding mainframe and open systems storage infrastructures.

What is an EMC?

EMC. By Vangie Beal Short for Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC is the term used to describe how well a device or system is able to function in an electromagnetic environment without introducing electromagnetic disturbances that interfere with the operation of other electrical products in the environment.

What is VNX storage?

VNX is a modular storage , where as Vmax is an Enterprise storage with Varied configurations unlike VNX, in short. There are many such differences which may be pointed out.

What is EMC VMAX storage?

The EMC VMAX Series is a family of large enterprise storage arrays designed for SAN environments. It is sold in three models — the VMAX 10K, 20K and 40K — each with increasing levels of capacity and connectivity.

What is Adaptive Copy Disk Mode?

SRDF/DM is a data migration/data mobility solution that enables fast data transfer from R1 to R2 devices over extended distances. The SRDF adaptive copy modes allow the R1 and R2 devices to be more than one write I/O and up to the maximum skew value out of synchronization.

What is Vplex storage?

EMC VPLEX is a virtual computer data storage product introduced by EMC Corporation in May 2010. VPLEX implements a distributed “virtualization” layer within and across geographically disparate Fibre Channel storage area networks and data centers.

What is MIBE in Vmax?

The VMAX architecture extends the direct matrix principle used in the older Symmetrix subsystems, but now the matrix is virtual. Each engine has 4 virtual matrix ports, 2 on each director. They are used to connect to other engines with two MIBE (Matrix Interface Boards).

What is EMC TimeFinder?

EMC TimeFinder is a Symmetrix® product that provides local and remote replication solutions designed to nondisruptively create point-in-time and/or full copies of critical data. Available since EMC Enginuity™ release 5773, Virtual Provisioning™ provides increased storage utilization and optimization.

What is a PowerMax?

PowerMax is a technology leader providing a full end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) flash storage architecture for storing customer data.

What is the purpose of Unisphere in PowerMax systems?

Unisphere enables you to configure and manage PowerMax, VMAX All Flash, and VMAX storage systems. Unisphere is a HTML5 web-based application that enables you to configure and manage PowerMax, VMAX All Flash, and VMAX storage systems.

What is EMC PowerMax?

Dell EMC PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array1. It delivers new levels of performance and efficiency with a future-proof architecture that features end-to-end non-volatile memory express (NVMe) and a built-in machine learning engine.