What month does the destructors take place?

At the beginning of “The Destructors,” the August bank holiday is mentioned as the time when Trevor or “T” joins the gang. The August bank holiday in London is at the end of August, that places the setting in late summer.

Set in the mid-1950s, the story is about the “Wormsley Common Gang”, a boys’ gang named after the place where they live.

Similarly, when and where was the destructors published? The Destructors was published in Britain in 1954 and Greene considered it to be one of the best three pieces he had ever written.

what is the significance of the setting in the destructors?

The most significant aspect of the setting is the way the destruction of London during World War II, the imagery of the bombed out car park and the ravaged neighborhood, affect the boys in the Wormsley Common Gang.

Does the destructors have a happy ending?

No, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. It is a sad story of teenage boys whose mission is to destroy an innocent man’s home for no reason other than it is still standing in the town that has been destroyed by World War II bombing.

Who said destruction is a form of creation?

Graham Greene

What does the house symbolize in the destructors?

Old Misery’s stately home stands as a symbol of a bygone age, an age of elegance and nobility. The home is a representation of a vanishing heritage, one unceremoniously swept away by the Second World War.

What does Blackie symbolize in the destructors?

Blackie symbolizes the more typical boys’ gang leader of the early part of the twentieth century. Like the other boys who join together in mischievous conduct for thrills and a sense of camaraderie and belonging, Blackie is one of the group, and is a friend of the other boys.

Who is the antagonist in the destructors?

In “The Destructors,” the role of the antagonist is multi-layered. On the surface, Blackie is the antagonist to T.’s protagonist, as the boys are in conflict for leadership of the gang. However, below this power struggle runs a deeper conflict of class structure and tension between the past, present, and future.

What is the tone of the destructors?

For the duration of “The Destructors”, the narrator creates a dark and pessimistic mood. The atmosphere becomes very gloomy and matches the issue of the aftereffects of the war presented in this story. The narrator has a apathetic and cynical tone in “The Destructors”.

Why did the driver laugh in the destructors?

A driver who keeps his lorry in the lot near Mr. Thomas’s house. The lorry driver’s laughter suggests that the boy’s hostility to the old pre-war world of strict social class, and their affinity for destruction, is shared more broadly by the community of people around them as well.

How is suspense created in the destructors?

Suspense is created through the fear of the boys that they will not be able to destroy the entire house. Also, suspense greatly increases when Mr. Thomas arrives early to the house and they have to devise a plan to contain him.

Who are the characters in the destructors?

The Destructors Characters Trevor, or “T.” T. Blackie. Blackie is a fifteen-year-old boy who leads the Wormsley Common Gang up to and after T.’ Mr. Thomas, or “Old Misery” The lorry driver. A driver who keeps his lorry in the lot near Mr. Mike. Mike is one of the youngest members of the group. Summers. A thin, sallow boy who goes by his last name.

What is the meaning of the destructors?

Definition of destructor. 1 : a furnace or oven for the burning of refuse : incinerator. 2a : a device for destroying a missile or a part thereof at a desired time in its flight. b : an explosive device for enabling quick destruction of matériel to prevent its falling into the hands of the enemy.

What is the message of the destructors?

“The Destructors” focuses particularly on the clash between the pre-war and post-war generations in their relationships to money and material possessions. Perhaps in part because the boys of the gang have grown up during a time of shortage, they have little respect for money or things.

What is the climax of the destructors?

To my mind, the climax of “The Destructors”, therefore, is when the boys have already advanced greatly on their mission of completely destroying “Old Misery”‘s house, but the surprise return of Old Misery threatens the entire project and also T.’s leadership of the gang.

What is the theme in the destructors?


What does Old Misery’s house symbolize?

Old Misery comes to symbolize the hardship in the aftermath of WWII. He’s portrayed as living in a damaged house with broken plumbing and electricity. The house used to be beautiful, refined, and upper class, but now, because of the war, it stands alone in a bombed out neighborhood.

What type of character is Trevor in the destructors?

Trevor, or “T.” Character Analysis. T. is a brooding, unhappy, rebellious adolescent and the newest member of the Wormsley Common Gang. He comes from a wealthier background than the other boys, but his parents have lost their place in society and moved to the neighborhood.