Where is Confluence data stored?

By default, attachments, extensions, and configuration files are stored in the Confluence Home Directory that is configured when Confluence is first installed. All remaining data resides in the configured database.

Attachments are stored where you tell Confluence to store them. Go to the Admin Panel, and click Attachment Storage. You can choose to store them on the file system or in the database. Based on how it is stored, the answers to your other questions can be explored

Similarly, what database does confluence use? Your Confluence installation includes an embedded H2 database, to enable you to try Confluence without setting up an external database. The embedded H2 database is only supported while you are evaluating Confluence. You must migrate to a supported external database before using Confluence as a production system.

In this regard, where is Confluence located?

A confluence can occur in several configurations: at the point where a tributary joins a larger river (main stem); or where two streams meet to become the source of a river of a new name (such as the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers at Pittsburgh, forming the Ohio); or where two separated channels of

Where is Jira installation directory?

If Jira was installed using the automated Windows or Linux installers, the default location of the Jira home directory is:

  1. C:Program FilesAtlassianApplication DataJIRA (on Windows) or.
  2. /var/atlassian/application-data/JIRA (on Linux)

Is confluence a document management system?

Confluence can be used as a document control system. It’s built-in features to manage, version, search and organize attachments for customers justify it as an end-to-end replacement for a shared document repository. For example, you can attach documents of any size and type to a Confluence wiki page.

What is confluence file list?

The File List blueprint helps you to create lists of files to share with your team. Great for organizing documents, images and presentations. The first time you use the File List blueprint in a space, Confluence will create an index page and add a shortcut to your space sidebar (if you’re using the default theme).

How do I download files from Confluence?

To download all files attached to a page as a zip file: Go to > Attachments. Click Download All. To download an individual file: Click the Download button in the file preview, or. Go to > Attachments. and then right click on the file name and save the link.

How do I download a confluence space?

2 answers Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools on the sidebar. Choose Export. Select PDF then choose Next. Decide whether you need to customise the export: Select the pages you want to export. Choose Export. When the export process has finished, download and save the PDF file as prompted.

How do I add a file to Confluence?

How to Upload a File Go to the page to which you would like to add an attachment and click on the Add button. From the drop down menu select Attachment. Browse through your files and select the file that you would like to attach. Enter a description for the attachment in the Comment text field (optional).

How do I display attachments in Confluence?

Insert a file attached to another page You can display a file that’s attached to a different page of the same Confluence site, if you know the name of the file. To display an image attached to a different page: Go to Insert > Files and choose the Search on other pages. Enter the name of the file.

How do I delete a Confluence page?

Delete an attached file Go to the page that contains the attachment. Go to > Attachments. Select Delete next to the attachment you want to delete. Select Delete to confirm your action.

How do I move multiple files in Confluence?

The best solution I can find to this is to use the webdav plugin to move multiple pages simultaneously under a single parent within the same space (by ctrl+clicking or shift+clicking to select multiple pages and drag them under a parent). Then in confluence, move the parent page (Tools>move) to a different space.

Why is confluence important?

Confluence is Atlassian’s content collaboration tool used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. Permissions and Restrictions all users to control the visibility of Confluence content at the Space or Page level, so only the right people have access to the right information.

How is a confluence formed?

A confluence is a river which is formed when two or more rivers combine to form a single channel of water. The confluence formed can be as a result of two smaller rivers joining to form one channel or two rivers separated by a strip of land upstream that rejoin downstream.

What is the word for when two rivers meet?

In geography, a confluence is the meeting of two or more bodies of water. It refers either to the point where a tributary joins a larger river, called the main stem, or where two streams meet to become the source of a river of a new name.

Where do the three rivers meet?

Triveni Sangam means confluence of three rivers. One such Triveni Sangam, in Prayag (Allahabad) has two physical rivers Ganges, Yamuna, and the invisible or mythic Saraswati River.

What is the end of a river called?

The end of a river is its mouth, or delta. At a river’s delta, the land flattens out and the water loses speed, spreading into a fan shape. Usually this happens when the river meets an ocean, lake, or wetland.

What is the source of a river?

The source is the farthest point of the river stream from its estuary or its confluence with another river or stream. Rivers are usually fed by many tributaries. The farthest stream is called the head-stream or head water.