Which is better wood or vinyl shutters?

Pros: The main advantages of vinyl shutters is the cost, as they are often much less expensive than wood shutters. This material is perfect for high humidity or moisture such as in bathroom or kitchen as the material will not be warped or damaged. They are better for smaller windows.

What is the Best Material for Plantation Shutters

  • PVC. Poly Vinyl Chloride has for long been the preferred shutter material for many households.
  • Foamed Synthetics. Foamed synthetic shutters are more affordable than wooden shutters.
  • Composite Wood.
  • Alder.
  • Basswood.
  • Laminated Shutters.
  • In Conclusion.

Secondly, are wood shutters better than composite? Durability— Wood shutters are solid, 100 percent wood, which means that as they age, they are prone to cracking, splitting, warping and rotting. Composite shutters are made mostly of wood particles and glue, which means they stand up to wear and tear better.

Accordingly, are vinyl exterior shutters better than wood?

Vinyl shutters are made from less durable materials (as compared to wood exterior shutters) that not only deteriorate more rapidly, but are also more easily damaged. Vinyl shutters tend to fade, crack, and dent quite easily. They have a low lifespan and will have to be replaced often.

How long do vinyl shutters last?

These shutters can last up to 20 to 30 years (or another 30 years if stripped and recoated!), for an affordable price, with little maintenance.

How much should shutters cost?

Plantation shutters typically cost $145 to $347 per window depending on the size and material chosen. Wood shutters cost $200 to $350 per window, while faux or composite shutters cost between $70 and $260 per window. Overall, you can expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot.

Are shutters a good investment?

Therefore, shutters are a great investment – from the moment they are installed. Part of the insulation advantages our shutters carry, arrives from our ability to install them tightly to any window or recess we come across. Wood is also a fantastic insulator, often much better than fabric materials and glass.

Are plantation shutters out of style 2018?

Organic and natural materials will still be popular in 2018, and you can carry this trend to your window treatments with Heritance® hardwood shutters. For smaller windows, plantation shutters have wider louvers than traditional ones, so the view outside is clearer even when the shutter is closed.

What are the best exterior shutters?

These Are the Top 10 Best Exterior Shutter Companies & Websites to Buy Exterior Shutters Online #3 The Shutter Store. #4 Sunbelt Shutters. #5 Exterior Solutions. #6 Custom Shutter Company. #7 Decorative Shutters. #8 ShutterLand. #9 Larson Shutter Company. #10 Timberlane.

Are interior shutters still in style?

Plantation shutters tend to come in white, and fit perfectly within your window frame. Because of their understated beauty, plantation shutters are particularly popular within modern homes that emphasize clean lines and simplicity. They’re subtle, but they can still make a statement.

Are Norman Shutters good quality?

Norman Woodlore Composite Shutters offer the look of a real wood shutter but are engineered to be more durable and last longer. Built to withstand high temperatures and stress over time without warping. Norman shutters offer top quality at reasonable prices. Stain and fade resistant.

Are Basswood Shutters good quality?

Yes. Basswood is a superior hardwood commonly used for making timber plantation shutters due to its light weight and warp resistant properties. Basswood timber is also known for its fine grain texture giving a smooth finish and is hardy and long-lasting.

Do plantation shutters increase home value?

Plantation shutters won’t increase the value of your home; however, they might help your home sell faster.

Should your door match your shutters?

You absolutely should match all of your doors.” In fact, my recommendation is to actually paint your front door a different color than your shutters.

Do houses need shutters?

Contrary to popular belief, not every window needs shutters. Proper shutters should at least appear large enough to cover the entirety of the window when shut (as that’s, you know, the whole point of shutters). Shutters should be avoided on double-mulled windows, picture windows, bay windows, and most dormer windows.

How do I choose exterior shutters?

Mind the Details Make sure the shutters you choose correctly fit your windows; shutters should match the length of a window’s trim and be approximately 25-33 percent of the window’s width. When measuring for shutter widths, consider spaces between windows.

Should shutters be on all Windows?

Don’t feel you have to put shutters on every window. It’s better to have some windows without shutters than to put them on windows that are too wide for them. Don’t use a shutter on one side of a window where a door or the corner of the house prevents you from adding its mate.

How much do exterior shutters cost?

However, on average, most homeowners pay between $20–$320 apiece for stock shutters in regular or custom sizes or as much as $400 per panel for designer or motorized shutter options.

What are the best vinyl shutters?

Mastic exterior shutters are made of a durable high-quality copolymer and are designed to give the look of natural wood. If you are worried that some vinyl outdoor shutters may “look cheap”, but you don’t want to make the investment in wood shutters, Mastic vinyl shutters are the best choice for you for you.