Why do you want to work as a hostess?

Restaurants hostesses are responsible for greeting customers as they enter, seating them, providing them with the menu, taking their orders and delivering their orders to them. At each of these steps, a restaurant hostess is required to project professionalism coupled with hospitality and customer care skills.

Say you enjoy meeting new people and will work well with customers so you feel like you would be a good fit as a host/hostess.

Also, how do you get a job as a hostess? 7 Tips for Hiring a Great Host or Hostess

  1. Find one that’s kind, friendly, and caring. The first rule of hiring a good host or hostess is to find someone who is kind, friendly, and caring.
  2. Make ’em smile.
  3. Bring out their personality.
  4. Ask strange questions.
  5. Get them talking.
  6. Make sure they can amuse themselves.
  7. Stand out from the crowd.

Considering this, how do you answer a hostess interview?

Common Interview Question and Answers for Hostess:

  1. Tell about yourself:
  2. What was your previous job about and why you left the job?
  3. Tell about the greatest achievement?
  4. Why do you wish to work as a hostess?
  5. Tell about the experience in this field of hostess?
  6. What are your strengths?
  7. Tell about your weakness?

What questions do they ask at an Applebee’s interview?

” and “What does good customer service mean to you?” Interviewees also respond to more specific, job-related questions, such as: “What is your favorite meal at Applebee’s and how would you describe it to a guest?”, “How would you

What does a host at Applebee’s do?

Applebee’s hosts perform a number of job duties. Typical responsibilities include meeting, greeting, and seating guests, taking and making reservations, and answering questions about menu items and other general inquiries.

What do Applebee’s hostesses wear?

The uniform required was all black but no T-shirts, nice fitted button down collared shirts and black pants. No jeans or sneakers, must wear no-slip shoes. Black pants, black dress shirt and black shoes, well groomed , not large jewelry and no wild hair.

How do you get a job at Applebees?

Applebee’s hires employees for positions based on their skills, training and experience. You can get a job at the casual dining chain by showing your work experience with a resume that exhibits career strengths, talking with the right person and using some perseverance.

Do hostess get tips at Applebees?

The hostesses do get tipped out for every shift they work. Hostess get tipped out based on tip share from all servers. Yes, servers tips out the host at the end of every shift that host works.

Is Applebees a good place to work?

Depending on the shift you work and position you are in; there is potential to make more then average hourly wage jobs. They are a very good company to work for. They are able to work around my school schedule and always make for a fun and exciting work environment. I love the people that I work with at Applebee’s.

Do they drug test at Applebees?

Applebee’s does not drug test it’s employees. No, they do not drug test.

Does Applebees allow piercings?

Yes they are allowed but we have to make sure they are respectful. No issues with any tattoos or piercings. Yes you can have tattoos and piercings.

What should I wear for a hostess interview?

How to Dress for a Hostess Interview Dress. The best bet for a hostess working in a hospitality environment is to wear a modest blouse or shirt with pants and close-toed heels or flats. Personal Hygiene. As the job of the hostess is all about hygiene, your nails should be clean and well groomed during the interview. Makeup. Hairstyle. Jewelry. Perfume.

What does a hostess wear?

In a restaurant, hosts, servers, and bartenders (the front of house staff) will typically be asked to wear solid colored slacks or a skirt, a solid colored button down, or a collared or logo shirt. Sometimes there will be an apron or hat to pull the look together.

What skills do you need to be a hostess?

Must be upbeat, outgoing and positive. Must be able to assist Guests and possess great Guest relations skills. Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment. Host/Hostess top skills & proficiencies: Customer Service. People Skills. Professionalism. High Energy. Multitask. Thoroughness. Planning. Basic Math.

How do I clear my air hostess interview?

TIPS TO CLEAR AIR HOSTESS INTERVIEW Language fluency. Body language. No direct eye contact. Hands. Legs. Smile its free! Tone of voice Always breathe and pause before answering the questions. Try to change your tone and pitch of voice. Nod and smile at appropriate times, but don’t overdo it. Use words to answer questions. Air Hostess interview attire.

What are your strengths?

Some examples of strengths you might mention include: Enthusiasm. Trustworthiness. Creativity. Discipline. Patience. Respectfulness. Determination. Dedication.

How can I be a good hostess?

10 Etiquette Rules for a Happy Hostess Set a specific start and end date for the visit. Be a prepared hostess. Ensure everyone’s comfortable. Don’t make friends feel like intruders. Make your home visitor-friendly. Show your guests the essentials. Help everyone get around. Share your family’s schedule.

What does hospitality mean to you interview question?

Interview Answer hospitality to me means greeting each and every guest in a warm welcoming manner and making sure all of their needs are taken care of.